US-Dollar-Russischer Rubel USD/RUB aktueller ...

Non-USD pairs on BTC-E are Not Returning to Market Value

Non-USD pairs at BTC-E are not returning to their fair market value.
While in terms of USD, BTCe quotes are 3$ lower compared to the general market ($466 compared to $469 BitStamp)
in terms of Euros, Pounds or Rubles prices are over 5% higher and have been for days.
BTC/EUR BTCE 377 Kraken 367
Plus if you look at the exchange rates on the BTCe's website, the EUUSD is quoted at 1.2330, actual exchange rate is currently at 1.2930. The Pound is quoted at 1.5093, actual forex exchange rate is 1.6220.
Why are all NON-USD currencies trading so cheap on BTC-E? In the past year I've noticed these small arbitrage opportunities before but they used to be gone in less then 1 day. This has been going on for 4 days now.
  1. How long has this been going on? I only noticed the discrepancies 4 days ago.
  2. What is the reason for this?
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Where can I trade usd/rub pair?

Im new to forex trading in the traditiinal sense. Ive been going to my local exchange and buying physical paper rubles. But that is inconvenient and expensive. What forex platform or exchange can I use to buy rubles online for usd?
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Russia, Ukraine, and Forex Trading

Adapted from my blog. Original post May 2, 2014.
One of the biggest advantages of trading forex is that global political events often turn themselves into excellent market opportunities. Take, for instance, the turmoil in Ukraine. As the instability in that region grows, and capital flows out of Russia seeking safer havens, such opportunities are on the horizon. If you’re not familiar with what has been happening there, here’s a brief rundown of the past few months.
Putin Outplays the West
February 22nd- Ukranian President Viktor Yanyukovich is removed from office and flees the country.
March 21st- Following weeks of protests for secession, Russia annexes the ethnically Russian Ukranian region of Crimea. The US immediately sanctions several prominent Russian politicians and business leaders.
April 4th(ish)- Russia masses 40,000 troops on Ukraine’s Eastern border.
April 25th- Russia raises the ruble’s interest rate to 7.5%.
May 2nd- Ukrainian army forces clash with pro-Russian separatists in the Eastern cities of Odessa and Slovyansk.
What Happens Next?
Amid all the sabre-rattling and mindless media coverage, one can discern a pattern to Russia’s behavior in Ukraine that has been used recently in other conflicts. In 2008, Russia invaded Georgia and all but annexed the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossettia. Putin then employed a similar strategy of fostering political unrest before invading the region to ‘liberate’ ethnic Russian populations, and repeated the process in Crimea. It stands to reason he will do so again in Ukraine’s industrial, and Russian speaking east.
This is assuming Putin doesn’t fear the threat of economically damaging and sweeping sanctions from the West. After all, Russia’s largest exports – oil and natural gas – have willing buyers in India and China, if not Eastern Europe. Putin has been in power for 14 years in Russia – long enough to turn his gaze beyond domestic squabbling and toward a more global stage, and the short term pain these sanctions would cause may not be enough to deter his advance.
So Where Is the Trade?
There are two outcomes I see as likely. Both offer excellent trades in the near future.
1) Russia invades Ukraine, or continues to support pro-separatist rebels in the east. This prompts expansive Western sanctions on May 25th and the ruble continues its decline. Investors will flock to more stable, high-yielding currencies like the NZD and to a lesser extent the TRY (whose issues will pale in comparison to the ruble), providing extended carry-trade opportunities for speculators.
2) Russia somehow avoids Western sanctions and looks to attract foreign investment once more with the ruble’s tasty 7.5% interest rate. Short USD/RUB will become an attractive mid-term trade as the ruble bounces back from its long decline of early this year.
Either way, opportunity is on the horizon! We will certainly be keeping an eye on the events in Ukraine to determine where best to invest our capital, and will keep you updated on the blog and twitter as the situation unfolds.
Agree with my analysis? Disagree? Let's hear it, forex!
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3/3 The Rouble

I don't normally trade anything on the forex. I like to keep my cash in USD and just take profit in CAD when it spikes to 1.11 CAD to the dollar. I was up late last night and noticed the rouble is taking a huge hit due to the recent developments in Crimea and Ukraine.
Usually the media hypes up a situation more than it deserves, but the Russian market took a 7-8% hit, showing that there is real fear to the economic sanctions leveraged by the west.
I think that a bet against the ruble (USD.RUB) is a relatively safe one.
The current interest rate in Russia is at 7%, which was raised from 5.5%. This should have promoted a stronger currency but may have only slowed down inflation. This is a country that has gone bankrupt and defaulted on its debts.
Overall this situation is bringing down global markets, but I can only guess at the scope and spread of the overall damage and fear. The best I can do is keep doing what I am doing in equities and try to profit off of Russia.
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